"The Last to See Me: The Last Ghost Series Volume 1" by M Dressler

By M Dressler

Reviewed by Alyssa

ISBN 9781510742918

Dressler brings you into a world where ghost hunting is a relatively common and well-respected occupation. Towns and private citizens alike spend a great deal of money to 'clean' the spaces they inhabit of all unwanted spirits. It's in this world that Emma Rose Finnis has been living as a ghost for over one hundred years, evading the pursuits of Cleaners, and haunting/living in a life that's all her own and strangely borrowed. This is Emma Rose's story of survival in a world seemingly determined to stamp her out, and the methods we teach ourselves to aid in that survival. Do you make yourself small or big, loud or quiet, adamant or passive, bold or invisible, in order to keep your place and hold your right to existence? And what if you choose wrong?

I'm excited to get to the second book and see how Emma Rose carries on.

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