River of Lost Souls: The Science, Politics, and Greed Behind the Gold King Mine Disaster

By Thompson, Jonathan

ISBN 9781937226831

Price $18.95

Torrey House Press:

What was really behind the 2015 Gold King Mine disaster in southwestern Colorado?

When the river that his ancestors had settled next to in the 1870s turned orange with mining-related pollution in 2015, Jonathan P. Thompson knew he would write a book about it. Thompson, an award-winning investigative environmental journalist, digs into the science, politics, and greed behind the 2015 Gold King Mine disaster, and unearths a litany of impacts wrought by a century and a half of mining, energy development, and fracking in southwestern Colorado. Amid these harsh realities, Thompson explores how a new generation is setting out to make amends.

“Thompson, a southwestern Colorado native, knowledgeably and sensitively addresses ethical questions at the heart of his inquiry, including what it would mean to restore the water system to its precolonial state. He also effortlessly explains the technical elements of this story, such as the complex chemistry of the environmental effects of mining. This is a vivid historical account of the Animas region, and Thompson shines in giving a sense of what it means to love a place that’s been designated a ‘sacrifice zone.’”

“An elegy of sorts for a beloved natural area with a long history of human exploitation.”


ForeWord Reviews

The reader will revel in the beauty of the Colorado landscape while recoiling from descriptions of cruelty towards the Native Americans and the horrors of acid mine drainage.



Thompson’s work is more than a historical survey of industry’s oftentimes deleterious environmental effects in Colorado. He also shows the tight interconnectedness that is created between these extractive industries and the various communities that become economically reliant on them, creating a for-better-for-worse type of symbiotic relationship. His writing meanders through Western history, family stories, and pollution-causing activities to create a vivid and, at times, horrifying time line that shows the aftereffects of human exploitation of nature... Aficionados of Western history, environmentalists, and even general readers will enjoy this cautionary tale that takes an intimate look at the side effects of human industry.


Library Journal

“Jonathan Thompson’s River of Lost Souls is a rich historical and personal account of the San Juan Basin, a region blessed and cursed by its geology. From the hard rock mining era of the late 1800s to the recent natural gas drilling boom, some things never change: the extractive industries fight common sense rules to their ownand the public’sdetriment. This book is a must read for every person who loves the West and needs to understand how we got to where we are today.”

La Plata County Commissioner and founder of the Western Leaders Network

“Equal parts The Quiet Crisis and Silent Spring, and 100% scary, timely, and so very important. Every citizen in every western mining community MUST read this book, as should every politician at every level of government.”

proprietor of Back of Beyond Books

“To know the west, Jonathan Thompson’s River of Lost Souls: The Science, Politics, and Greed Behind the Gold King Mine Disaster is a must read. On par with Lavendar’s One Man’s West, Thompson describes the history of settlement in the beautiful Animas River valley nestled in the rugged San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado. Thompson, a 5th generation Animas Valley local, and a master craftsman of the written word, makes this book a privilege to read.”

co-owner of Maria’s Bookshop

“By turns mournful, optimistic, angry and hilarious, Thompson offers fresh takes on everything from a mountain town’s bare knuckle politics to a young man’s loss of innocence to what it truly means to be a Westerner. Deeply researched, thoroughly unsentimental, this is a moving and rip-roaringly told tale.”

author of Lost on Treasure Island and Driving Lessons