Disappearances: A Story of Exploration, Murder and Mystery in the American West

By Thybony, Scott

ISBN 9781607814832

Price $24.95

In 1935, three people went missing in the rugged canyon country of southeastern Utah. Thirteen-year-old Lucy Garrett was tricked into heading west with the man who had murdered her father, under the pretense of reuniting with him. At the same time, a search was underway for Dan Thrapp, a young scientist on leave from the American Museum of Natrual History. Others were scouring the region for the artist Everett Ruess, who had disappeared into "the perfect labyrinth."

Intrigued by this unusual string of coincidental disappeares, Scott Thybony set out to discover the stories behind the newspaper headlines. His investigations took him across the West, journeying through places once marked on the map only as "parts unknown." It was while on these journeys, some taken in company and some alone, that Thybony began to discover the truths of The Disappearances.