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Slot Canyon Hikes & Adventures revised 5th Edition, updated for 2016 has added two more regions for slot canyons; Capitol Reef National Park and Zion National Park. The book contains 54 featured canyons, organized for hikes in five regions: San Rafael Swell, Escalante River, Paria River and the Page Area with the Upper Lake Powell Slots being the latest added to this book edition. The Upper Lake Powell Slot Canyons region consists mostly of tributaries feeding into the upper part of Lake Powell and offers some of the best remote slot canyon hikes in North America despite many of the trailheads being easily reached by a paved state highway. Southern Utah with its myriads of sandstone canyons, ravines, gulches, draws and washes offers endless hiking opportunities. The terrain, rock texture and colors vary so much the hiker will want to keep his camera in hand all of the time. The numerous minor and major obstacles will keep the hiker busy so they will never get bored. The endless variety of terrains in these canyons includes hikes for all ability levels from beginner to avid hiker. Many of the hikes are accessible by paved roads while others are an adventure just getting to the trailhead via extremely rough backcountry roads. Some of these hikes are extremely popular while many others are so remote that you are not likely to see another hiker for days at a time. Detailed directions are provided for driving to the trailhead. An introduction on how to hike in high desert regions and recommended places to camp and lodge are also included. This book provides recommendations including what to wear and bring along with you on the trail. There is a tutorial for the use of a handheld GPS and a compass for navigation. The latter part of the book is packed with resources for planning your hiking trip. The author, a second career professional photographer takes you on a journey through the backcountry of Utah and Arizona for exploration of the greatest slot canyons in the world. Joe Berardi has spent the last decade hiking and photographing red rock country. He has recorded his adventures and created custom maps, trail descriptions, ratings and what to expect on your hike. Many of the hikes in this book have the author’s significant GPS waypoints for the trailhead, trail, confluences or obstacles.