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The Capitol Reef National Park 2015 Topo Atlas is new for 2015 and loaded with topographical maps. Topographical maps are needed by any hiker attempting to hike the remote and rugged slot canyons of the Capitol Reef area which is located near Torrey, Utah in a very remote part of southern Utah. Some of these slot canyon hike hikes start outside of Capitol Reef National Park and continue well into the park for the hardy hiker. Capitol Reef is known for the Waterpocket folds but there are plenty of slot canyon adventures in the area. Even though this part of Utah is remote, most of the slot canyons in this atlas are easily accessible by paved roads, county or state highways. There is a long list of great canyon hikes in the colorful sandstone of Utah including: Burro Wash, Cottonwood Wash, Fivemile Wash, Sheets Gulch and Grand Wash. Sulphur Canyon is not only a red rock adventure but its perennial stream makes it a beautiful water hike to several waterfalls. Get away from the crowds at the more popular slot canyons and enjoy the beauty and solitude of the Capitol Reef area. The custom detailed maps make finding and hiking these great slot canyons much easier and the maps have key GPS coordinates for finding the trailheads or the canyon entrances. This book of maps eliminates the anxiety of trial and error hiking to find some of the best slot canyon adventures in the United States. This atlas eliminates the need to buy multiple 7.5x7.5 quad maps for a single hike and pays for itself by not having to buy multiple high resolution maps. You no longer have to wrestle with multiple large maps on a windy day and the author has produced an atlas that is a pleasure to use out on the trail. Plan your exciting trip to Utah with the Capitol Reef National Park 2015 Topo Atlas.