ISBN 9781508450474

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San Rafael Swell 2015 Canyon Atlas: Utah Slot Canyons Joe Berardi has made a major revision to the 2014 atlas for 2015. Some of the USGS maps included are: Arsons Garden, Copper Globe, Horse Valley, Hunt Draw, Little Wild Horse Mesa, Old Woman Wash, San Rafael Knob, Temple Mountain, Tomsich Butte and Twin Knolls topographical maps. The San Rafael Swell 2015 Canyon Atlas: Utah Slot Canyons is a compilation of topographical maps that are required by any hiker attempting to hike the remote and rugged slot canyons of the San Rafael Swell region. The custom detailed maps make finding and hiking these great slot canyons much easier and the maps have key GPS coordinates for finding the trailheads or the canyon entrances. This book of maps eliminates the anxiety of trial and error hiking to find some of the best slot canyon adventures in the United States. This atlas eliminates the need to buy multiple 7.5x7.5 quad maps for a single hike and pays for itself by not having to buy multiple high resolution maps. The author has wrestled with large maps on a windy day and has produced an atlas that is a pleasure to use out on the trail. The featured canyons in this book are: Baptist Draw, Bell Canyon, Chute Canyon, Cistern Canyon, Crack Canyon, Crawford Draw, Devils Canyon, Dang Canyon, Ding Canyon, Eagle Canyon, Eardley Canyon, Farnsworth Canyon, Iron Wash, Little Wild Horse Canyon, Muddy Creek, Music Canyon and Wild Horse Creek Trail.