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Cedar Mesa Hiking Guide Cedar Mesa and nearby Comb Ridge in southern Utah are famous for two things, the myriad of canyons / ravines that make great backcountry hikes and the cultural history of the large concentration of Anasazi ruins, petroglyphs and art panels here. This book covers thirty-seven prominent canyons in Cedar Mesa and Comb Ridge that can be hiked. Hundred of hikes are possible by looping together multiple canyons or forks. Some of the hikes are easy to do day-trips while others are in remote canyons that require up to a week to fully explore. Key GPS coordinates are provided with trail descriptions, driving directions, full color topographical maps for the hikes and photographs. Hike among the Anasazi ruins and immerse yourself into the historical past. There are many rugged remote canyons to be explored in this outdoor museum with many short easy hikes to long backpacking adventures that will challenge the hardiest of hikers. Arch Canyon, Bullet Canyon, Butler Canyon, Collins Canyon, Coyote Canyon, Deer Canyon, Government Trail, Grand Gulch, Hat Flat, Johns Canyon, Kane Gulch, Lime Creek, McCloyd Canyon, Mule Canyon, Owl Creek, Fish Creek, Pollys Canyons, Road Canyon, Shagrila Canyon, Sheiks Canyon, Slickhorn Canyon, Step Canyon, Todie Canyon and Water Canyon are some of the best canyon hikes in southern Utah. Explore the House on Fire Ruin, Fallen Roof Ruin, Arch Canyon Ruin, Mule Canyon Seven Tower Ruin, Perfect Kiva Ruin, Jail House Ruin, Butler Wash Ruin, Seven Kiva Ruin Sand Island Rock Art Panel, Procession Panel and many more historical sites in the Cedar Mesa area. Get started today and plan your trip to hiking these breathtaking vistas of canyon country in southern Utah.