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Hiking Slot Canyons 60 by 60 Challenge Hiking Slot Canyons 60 by 60 Challenge is a book about hiking and photographing slot canyons in northern Arizona and southern Utah. There are photo tips for each hike. Basic Photographic Techniques and Digital Camera functions are presented to get you started on your photographic adventure. An introductory tutorial of Digital Photography and gear prepares the hiker to create amazing backcountry slot canyon photographs allowing you to share once in a lifetime memories with your family and friends. This all new book now covers over forty slot canyon hikes with many that have multiple entry points or loops. Full color topographical maps are included for every canyon including key GPS coordinates along with directions, trail description and photographs. Most of the hikes are suitable for the average hiker. Some are more difficult non-technical hikes for those who like a challenge such as: scrambling over slickrock and overcoming obstacles such as choke-stones, dry-falls, tree trunks, water holes and tight twisting canyon walls. This book includes an introduction to hiking techniques and the gear required for hikes into rugged backcountry. Navigation techniques are presented along with recommendations for setting up base camp and the resources for a safe and fun hike. Join the author on a rugged journey into these amazing slot canyons and narrows. Be prepared; bring this book along with you when you are out on the trail. Plan your exciting trip to southern Utah and northern Arizona with Hiking Slot Canyons 60 by 60 Challenge. The author challenges the reader to hike 60 slot canyons by age 60 or 30 slot canyons by age 30. San Rafael Swell hikes: Bell Canyon, Crack Canyon, Crawford Draw, Devils Canyon, Little Wild Horse Canyon, Wild Horse Creek Trail, Escalante River hikes: Big Horn Canyon, Brimstone Gulch, Dry Fork of Coyote Gulch, Egypt 0,1,2,3 Canyons, Escalante Ravine Slot, Little Death Hollow, Long Canyon Slot, Peek-A-Boo Gulch, Spencer Canyon, Spooky Gulch, Zebra Canyon, Paria River hikes: Buckskin Gulch, Lick Wash, Willis Wash, Wire Pass Wash, Upper Lake Powell Region Black Creek, Blarney Canyon, Death Canyon, Fry Canyon, Leprechaun Canyon, Milk Creek, Shillelagh Canyon, Swett Creek, Trachyte Creek North Fork, Trachyte Creek West Fork 2, Trail Canyon, Woodruff Canyon Capitol Reef National Park hikes: Grand Wash Visitor Center Narrows Page area hikes: Lower Antelope Canyon, Upper Antelope Canyon, Water Holes Canyon – Upper West, Water Holes Canyon - Upper East Sedona Area hikes: Pumphouse Wash, West Fork of Oak Creek Narrows