Mountain Shadow

By Roberts, Gregory David

ISBN 9780802125552

Price $20.00

At long last, the sequel to Shantaram is available.  The Mountain Shadows comes twelve years after the publication of Gregory David Roberts' debut novel, and none too soon.  Shantaram is a favorite of booksellers as a very strong word-of-mouth backlist novel.  Each year we sell 12-15 copies.  I was late to join the fan club, but wow! what a writer.  Mountain Shadow begins two years after Shantaram, but a world away from the life Lin knew in the slums of Bombay.  He's lost his two loves;  his soul mate Karla  and Khader Bhai, his beloved father figure, and now must return to Bombay to forge new alliances with a new set of mafia dons, and a new set of life and death rules.  Roberts' writing style is short, terse and poetic, painting the sights and sounds of the seedy under-belly of India.  Not a pair of novels I would have thought I'd enjoy, but a pair which are impossible to let go.