King of the Colorado: The Story of Cass Hite Utah's Legendary Explorer, Prospector and Pioneer

By McCourt, Tom

ISBN 9780974156842

Price $15.00

Cass Hite (1845-1914)

The man who:

-Discovered Utah's Natural Bridges National Monument
-Explored the wilderness of Glen Canyon and the San Juan River drainage
-Lived among the Navajos as an adopted son of Chief Hoskininni
-Found and named the Dandy Crossing of the Colorado River
-Searched for the Lost Mitchell and Merrick Silver Mine in Monument Valley
-Worked old Spanish gold mines along the Colorado River
-Inspired the Glen Canyon gold rush
-Founded the town of Hite
-Served time in prison for killing a man in a classic Old West gunfight
-Buried the victims of the Indian fight at Soldier Crossing
-Searched for The Lost Rhoades Mine and found gold in the Uintah Mountains
-Became a high-roller socialite in Salt Lake City
-Lived his golden years as a hermit in hidden Ticaboo Canyon
-Sleeps forever beneath the waters of Lake Powell