Recapture & Other Stories

By Olsen, Erica

ISBN 9781937226053

Price $15.95

The Grand Canyon can only be visited in replica form. An archivist preserves a rare map of a vanished Lake Tahoe. A Utah cliff dwelling survives as an aging roadside attraction in California. This captivating short story collection explores the canyons, gulches, and vast plains of memory along with the colorful landscapes of the West.

"Erica Olsen gives us the dream life of the Southwest in this striking collection, a landscape told in language as spare and pungent and exacting as the desert itself. A swift and lovely debut from a writer of real gifts." —Kevin Canty, author of Where the Money Went

"These sly, heartbreaking stories capture the modern West, where the past is ever-present and the future is already here." —Alison Baker, author of How I Came West, and Why I Stayed

"Like all good narratives, Erica Olsen’s 'Grand Canyon II' suggests great consequence. The past is another country. The task of memory is impossible. No one exists and nothing ever happened. But somewhere in your brain, a beautiful lie is being spun…."
—Sarah Manguso, author of The Guardians