Scholar of Moab, The

By Peck, Steven L.

ISBN 9781937226022

Price $15.95

"What really happened to Dora's baby? Did a coyote dingo the Moab poet's child? Or was it an alien abduction, as Dora claims? Was it Hyrum, the newborn's father, a high school dropout, and would-be scholar/scientist who inadvertently sets the town chasing the ghosts of ancient robbers? Or could it be the conjoined Babcock twins, fleeing the world of academic philosophy by working as cowboys in the La Sal Mountains? Through letters, journal entries, and interviews, a mysterious redactor tries to reconstruct the events of the night the baby was born and then disappears. A black comedy set in the 1970's Moab, Utah, The Scholar of Moab is a rollicking adventure through the strange places where landscape, consciousness, and coincidence intersect."