Ed Abbey: A Self Portrait - Audio CD Interview with Jack Loeffler

By Abbey, Ed and Jack Loeffler

ISBN 605907729186

Price $15.00

"On January 1, 1983, Ed Abbey and I headed home from the Superstition Mountains in southern Arizona where we'd camped and hiked for a week or so. Ed had recently discovered that his time on the planet was limited, and we both thought it a good idea to record Ed speaking about his own life and points of view. When we got to his writing cabin west of Tuscon, I set up my recorder and microphones, and what follows is the result. While listening, remember that this conversation took place in 1983 wherein Ed revealed the span of his intellect and prescience. Ed was a brilliant man and great friend. Not only was he a fine and inspiring writer, he melded anarchism and environmentalism philosophically, thus establishing the original parameters of the radical environmental movement. Listen and take heart. Ed Abbey is as fresh today as he was when 'Desert Solitaire' first appeared in 1968. This CD is intended to pay homage to mi companero on the fortieth anniversary of the publication of his great American classic." -Jack Loeffler