Glen Canyon Country: A Personal Memoir

By Fowler, Don D.

ISBN 9781607811343

Price $39.95

Contributor Bio: Fowler, Don D
Nancy J. Parezo is a professor of American Indian studies and anthropology at the University of Arizona and the curator of ethnology at the Arizona State Museum. She is the editor of "Hidden Scholars: Women Anthropologists and the Native American Southwest," Don D. Fowler is a professor of anthropology, emeritus, at the University of Nevada, Reno. He is the author of "A Laboratory for Anthropology: Science and Romanticism in the American Southwest, 1846-1930,"

Contributor Bio: Rusho, W L
W. L. Rusho's is a historian and expert on the life of Everett Ruess. His first book on Ruess was published in 1985, and he authored two (four, six, eight?) more books on the subject. Lifetime sales of Everett Ruess: A Vagabond for Beauty, have been 20,000 plus.