Hell That Was Paradox, The

By Greager, Howard E.

ISBN 9780963440747

Price $12.95

In another true documented account of the settling of southwestern Colorado, this time the setting is Paradox Valley in the west end of Montrose County. A wild and tough area that was called by some "The Slaughterhouse of the West." Greager's great store of knowledge about the history of the area combined with diligent and perservering research makes this book a great experience in exciting and fulfilling reading.


"Charlie backed and turned his horse in a desperate attempt to stay shielded. Clare pressed in on him even closer and he had a revolver in his hand resting along his right hip. During the confusion and momentary distraction of Clare riding right in on top Wilkinson, in two quick jumps Bill was behind the rump of Wilkinson's horse. Now they were down to one horse separating them instead of two. He expected Charlie to be next to his horse and still on the same side. Now between two guns, Wilkinson could never escape the crossfire and Bill commanded, "Put up your gun, Charlie!"

Wilkinson hung his arm at his side but kept the gun. He could fire on a second's notice, "I'm askin' you again, Charlie. Put up your gun!" Bill moved around Wilkinson's horse. Charlie ducked under the neck of his horse, gun at the ready, not two feet from the muzzle of Clare's revolver."