10th Mountain Hut Book

By Ohlrich, Warren

ISBN 9781882426232

Price $19.95

The 10th Mountain Hut Book is a winter guidebook for Colorado's 10th Mountain and Summit huts near Aspen, Vail, Leadville and Breckenridge. This book gives the details, information and route descriptions necessary to plan for a hut trip and take full advantage of the 19 hut groups in the most popular hut system in the United States. Included are reference maps, descriptions of the best routes to the huts, a trip planning checklist, a brief history of the hut system, hut procedures, accurate trailhead information, photos of all the huts, a primer on winter navigation, safety and emergency information, and GPS coordinates for all trailheads, huts and key intersections.

About the Author

Warren Ohlrich has written twelve guidebooks for central Colorado on hiking, skiing and snowshoeing. For 20 years he has been a regular visitor to the 10th Mountain huts. In writing this guidebook, Warren skied all the trails to every hut with his tape recorder and GPS to get the most up-to-date information on the hut system. The detail-oriented descriptions and good maps in Warren's guidebooks are well known and trusted in the Colorado outdoor community.