River of Song: An Anthology of River Songs

By Various Artists

ISBN 791022161229

Price $15.95

River of Song, An Anthology of River Songs presents a lyrical boat trip down the mighty rivers of North America.

The project was conceived and produced by Andy Nettell, who worked in Utah's Canyonlands and Arches National Park as an interpretive Ranger for ten years. "Music is such a powerful tool to evoke change and emotion in us, that I saw this as a wonderful vehicle to provide a musical legacy to our rivers," Nettell states, "and perhaps lend to the protection of those rivers." To that end, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to American Rivers, an advocacy group dedicated to the preservation of free-flowing rivers.

This folksy/acoustic anthology presents rivers as a metaphor for life as in Anke Summerhill's "Stars At Noon",or Chuck Pyle's "Keepin' Time By The River"; Katie Lee and Tom Russell write and sing about old-time river rats, while Cosy Sheridan and James Keelaghan warn us about the effects of environmental change to our river systems. TR Ritchie wrote "Let This Mighty River Roll", and writer Terry Tempest Williams reads her new essay, "River Music". Also included are songs by D-Squared and Erica Wheeler, recounting favorite river trips down the Colorado River. Fiddler Gordan Burt contributes his instrumental piece, "Canyon Reflections", and TR Ritchie covers Steve Goodman's "Grand Canyon Song".

"River of Song" is the perfect souvernir for anyone who has floated a river or simply appreciates the beauty, tranquility and restorative powers of flowing water.

Tracks included on this album are:

1. Grand Canyon Song (2:22) - TR Ritchie
2. Keepin' Time By the River (5:35) - Chuck Pyle
3. Song of the Boatman (3:38) - Katie Lee
4. Canyon Reflections (3:18) - Gordon Burt
5. Stars At Noon (4:06) - Anke Summerhill
6. River Run (3:49) - James Keelaghan
7. Don't Go In the Water (3:29) - Cosy Sheridan
8. Beneath Canyon Walls (5:08) - Tom Russell
9. Down River (4:15) - Erica Wheeler
10. Let this Mighty River Roll (3:04) - TR Ritchie
11. Row (4:42) - D-Squared
12. River Music (4:55) - Terry Tempest Williams

Produced by Andy Nettell
Mastered by Jim Bachman-
JB Productions, Bellevue, WA
copyright 2000 River of Song
Music of Moab - 59 S. Main #8
Moab, Utah 84532