Utah Mountaineering Guide (3rd Edition)

By Kelsey, Michael R.

ISBN 9780944510148

Price $12.95

The all new 3rd Edition of the book, Utah Mountaineering Guide, has been completely rewritten--this time on a computor--which wasn't the case with the first edition back in 1983. This one has a new format, which is now the same as for all the other hiking or climbing guides the author has writen; except for one new catagory, that of Winter Climbing. In previous editions some canyon hikes were included, but they have all been eliminated and this edition covers only the highest or the most interesting mountains in Utah. Most of the mountains covered in this edtion are the same as in previous books, but some new and interesting peaks were discovered and added. Among them are Granite Peak and nearby volcanos, snow-white Crystal Peak, and Frary Peak on Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake.

For this edition, the author returned to about 96% of the peaks and climbed them in winter. So there's lots of new information about winter access & climbing. He would have winter climbed at least one mountain on every map in the book, but ran out of winter in the spring of 1997. Also included is a discussion on Heliograph Stations build by the first surveyors in the 1880's, and Bristlecone Pines, the oldest living things on earth, and of course a section of geology. About 95% of the fotographs in this edtion are new.