Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West - Revised and Expanded Edition

By Moore, Michael

ISBN 9780890134542

Price $24.95

Called the "godfather of American herbalists," Michael Moore first published his celebrated "Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West in 1979. A lot has changed in the field of botanical medicine in the intervening years. Drawing on research over his thirty-five-year career as a teacher, merchant, and alternative-medicine practitioner, Moore updates and revises his guide to further expose the botanical wealth of the mountain west region. Accessible to professionals and nonprofessionals alike, this comprehensive guide covers the entire range of medicinal herbs found in New Mexico, Arizona, West Texas, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and California. In its easy-to-use format, plant species are presented with both botanical and popular names, with descriptions and notations of habitat. Each plant is illustrated with color photographs or line drawings and accompanied by maps showing the plant's distribution. "Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West and "Medicinal Plants of the Desert and Canyon West are unsurpassed as field guides and for their authoritative information on collection and medicinal preparation.