Very Hard Way: Bert Loper and the Colorado River

By Dimock, Brad

ISBN 9781892327697

Price $17.95

Bert Loper was born in 1869 the very day that Major John Wesley Powell discovered the confluence of the San Juan and Colorado Rivers. Loper spent much of his life devoted to those two streams. But it was never easy. Orphaned and abused, Loper worked most of his life at the very bottom, the nameless grunt in hard rock mines, the sore-backed shoveler on a placer bar, the subsistence rancher on a lonely gravel delta in Glen Canyon. Whatever Loper got, he got the very hard way.

But on the muddy whitewater streams of the Southwest, Loper found a joy, a thrill, and a peace. By the time he died at his oars in a Grand Canyon rapid at eighty, he had covered more river, run more boats, and known more riverman than anyone. Two weeks before he vanished in the Colorado, the very first motorboat had run Grand canyon--book-ending his incredible career. Bert Loper's is the tale of river running in the West, and his life encapsulates the spirit of the Colorado.