River to Rim: A Guide to Place Names Along the Colorado River in Grand Canyon from Lake Powell to Lake Mead

By Brian, Nancy

ISBN 9781881438014

Price $24.95

River to Rim tells you how the names of the Grand Canyon came to be: the record of who named what and when, quotations from explorers, tourists and river runners and often the bizarre, funny, or moving events that gave rise to the names on theĀ  maps today. It tells the story behind the scenery for rapids, temples, and points along 300 miles of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park on a mile-by-mile sequence.

Whether you are visiting the canyon from the rim, taking a river trip, or backpacking, you will delight in the stories, often a mixture of myth and history. Over 600 place names, including Native American and geological terms, are indexed and tied to a bibliography of over 200 entries.