History of Grand County, A

By Firmage, Richard A.

ISBN 9780913738030

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Grand County, Utah, contains some of the earth's most spectacular and celebrated landforms. It attracts visitors from throughout the world and has been home to human inhabitants for at least 10,000 years. This volume traces the history of human habitation of Grand County, following those who have tried to make a home in the beautiful but often harsh terrain. Beginning with the earliest Native Americans, it continues through the Spanish exploration and later trapper eras to the ill-fated Elk Mountain Mission of the early Mormons in Utah.

Renewed settlement efforts in the late 1870s are traced, and though many early communities soon were abandoned, the growth of Moab is chronicled, including the incredible growth years of the uranium mining boom of the 1950s and 1960s, the subsequent economic depression of the area, and the more recent rise of tourismand recreational use and the attendent controversy over public land use and management which has put Grand County at the heart of the current national debate about the future and direction of the American West.

Utah Centennial County History Series. Hardcover.