Moab East Trails Recreation Topo Map

By Latitude 40 Maps

ISBN 831479002505

Price $13.95

Map Coverage: covers 42 7.5-minute USGS maps
north two miles south of I-70
south Monticello, Utah
east Colorado state line
west 2 miles west of Moab
Size: 39"x 25" flat • 8"x 4" folded
Scale: 1:75,000 or 1"= 1.2 miles
Latest edition: 5th - 2017
price: $13.95
back side:
  • Full-color map of southern section
    plus, descriptive info:
  • Trail descriptions for 37 routes for all types of travel, with degree of difficulty, length in miles, and elevation/distance and gain
  • Special use camping information
  • Information about the fragile desert, seasonal hazards, map reading, getting lost, etc.
  • The region's most popular map
  • six colors
  • highlighted public access hiking, mtn. biking, OHV, equestrian trails and roads
  • includes eastern side of Arches National Park
  • latitude and longitude map borders.