Cameo Cliffs Biking-Hiking Four-Wheeling

By Barnes, F.A. & M.M.

ISBN 0925685038

Price $7.00

"This book is the 28th in a series of practical guides to travel and recreation in the scenic Colorado Plateau region of the Four Corners States.

Cameo Cliffs is a guide for these major forms of popular recreation in a large and beautiful region that lies just east of the Canyon Rims Recreation Area. The Bureau of Land Management, the federal agency that administers most of the Cameo Cliffs area, originally urged us, as the citizen volunteers who did the field work on Canyon Rims Recreation Area, to include the Cameo Cliffs in that recreation area, but our explorations were not done in time.

That belated exploration was, however, completed in 1991. this book is the result. As with Canyon Rims Recreation Area, the Cameo Cliffs terrain is park-quality public land but, being "multiple use" land, it has received little protection from natural-resource exploitation. Over the years it has been used and abused by stockmen, uranium prospectors, seismograph operators, pipeline companies and petrolium drillers.

By 1991, however, time and nature has restored some of that damage, although with continuing accelerated soil erosion, leaving most of the area now defined as "Cameo Cliffs" almost as wild and unspoiled as it was originally, and making it a wonderful undesignated recreation area.

We hope you enjoy the Cameo Cliffs as much as we did while exploring it."

-The Authors