Arches & Canyonlands National Parks Including Moab - Moon Guide Spotlight

By McRae, W.C. & Judy Jewell

ISBN 9781631215049

Price $16.99

"Moon Spotlight Arches and National Canyonlands National Parks" is an 169-page guide covering Arches National Park and Canyonland National Park, including Island in the Sky District, Needles District, Maze District, Horseshoe Canyon Unit, the River District, and the unrivaled beauty of Moab. Authors W. C. McRae and Judy Jewell offer seasoned advice on what sights are must-sees, including maps with sightseeing highlights so that planning your time is easy. This lightweight guide is packed with recommendations on sights, entertainment, shopping, recreation, accommodations, food, and transportation. Helpful maps make navigating these popular national parks uncomplicated.
Moon Spotlight guides are affordably-priced, lightweight guides covering a smaller geographic region than Moon Handbooks or Outdoors guidebook series. The travel content in a Spotlight guide is pulled directly from individual chapters of larger Handbooks or Outdoors titles, with no introductory information (such as When to Go or Planning Your Trip), and no indexes. The results are compact guides to popular destinations that provide travelers with what they need to explore a specific locale in depth with fewer pages of very focused information.