Bottoms Up - M. John Fayhee's Greatest Hits from the Mountain Gazette

By John M. Fayhee

ISBN 9780982745007

Price $15.95

Since 2000, M. John Fayhee, who splits his time between the Colorado High Country and New Mexico's Gila Country, has been the editor of the iconic Mountain Gazette. Fayhee has also been one of the Gazette's most prominent writers. "Bottoms Up" is a compilation of Fayhee's best work from the Gazette and includes stories about his travels to exotic locations such as Mexico's Copper Canyon Country, China's Yangtze River, the wild and dangerous border country of southern New Mexico, the tops of Colorado's highest peaks and the depths of some of the West's seediest bars. Fayhee also applies his keen journalistic eye and humorous storytelling technique to such seemingly mundane topics as the making of snowmen, the roots of John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" and pickled food items often found in large jars located on dusty back bars.