Edward Abbey 1927-1989 Matter Journal 13

ISBN 9780982337257

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Matter 13: Edward Abbey The thirteenth issue of Matter Journal celebrates the life, work, and legacy of author Edward Abbey (1927-1989) and that sacred, dangerous, crazy canyon-carved region of the West many call “Abbey's Country". 432 pp.

Here are just a few of the many terrific pieces you can look forward to: Interviews featuring Charles Bowden, Doug Peacock, and Katie Lee; new fiction by Maximilian Werner, Michael Lewis, and Ned Mudd; nonfiction by Steven Schwartz, Ana Maria Spagna, and Laura Paskus; and poetry by Noah Eli Gordon, Dennis Fritzinger, Faith Walker, Andrew Schelling, Drum Hadley, Jane Miller, and Antler, among many talented others. We're including a novella, written by Dylan Quint and illustrated by Lauren Howell, and, for the first time in Matter's history, we're going full-color throughout in order to do justice to the photographs of Ed Abbey by John Blaustein and Lyman Hafen/Milo McCowan—and to the stunning canyon country of the Colorado Plateau by many local photographers as well.