Geology Underfoot in Southern Utah

By Orndorff, Richard L, Robert W. Wieder, and David G. Futey,

ISBN 9780878425174

Price $20.00

Standing before any of southern Utah's enigmatic landforms, it's clear, there's a story here. What carved the goblins in Goblin Valley, the domes at Capitol Reef, the towering sandstone walls of Zion Canyon, and Bryce's hoodoo fairyland, not to mention all those arches and natural bridges? _Geology Underfoot in Southern Utah_ explores the stories behind 33 sites - some world-famous, others off the beaten path. Marvel at tales of ancient eruptions, deserts, seas, and swamps; the movements of massive rock units over eons; and the rock's interactions with the life above it, including humankind. Along the way, visit dinosaur trackways, old mines, rock glaciers, oysters in the desert, and much more. Includes 146 black-and-white photographs, 31 maps, 37 black-and-white figures, bibliography, glossary, and index.