Roadside Geology of Utah 2nd Edition

By Chronic, Halka

ISBN 9780878426188

Price $26.00

Geology librarians often dismiss titles in the "Roadside Geology" series because they only deal with notable areas along roadsides and fail to treat the entire region of interest in a manner that would be useful to people studying local geology. The first thing this reviewer noticed when skimming through these new titles was that the cross-sections, maps, and many photographs are in color. Thus, people using them to study a particular roadcut will not have to juggle (or mangle) a geologic map and a book in order to examine the geology of that site. These two books replace earlier editions on Colorado and Utah geology (Roadside Geology of Colorado, 2nd ed., 2002; 1st ed., 1980; Roadside Geology of Utah, 1st ed., 1990). Each opens with a chapter summarizing the state's geologic history, followed by descriptions of the geology of various sites along major highways. They are both divided by geologic region. Roadside Geology of Utah includes sections on the Colorado Plateau, high country, Great Basin and Wasatch Front, and the geology of 11 Utah national parks. Roadside Geology of Colorado contains sections on the Denver/Colorado Springs region, High Plains and Piedmont, Colorado mountain ranges, San Juan Mountains, and Colorado Plateau.The books have been revised to reflect recent geological findings and interpretations and to relate the deposits to geologic events elsewhere in North America. The volumes are up-to-date; the Colorado volume even discusses the 2013 flooding in the state. They include references to recent geological publications but lack references to competing titles such as Lehi Hintze's Utah's Spectacular Geology (2005), Robert Fillmore's Geological Evolution of the Colorado Plateau of Eastern Utah and Western Colorado (CH, Sep'11, 49-0284), and Bill Fiero's Geology of the Great Basin (2009). Williams, Lucy Chronic, and Halka Chronic (deceased, 2013) are all geologists with experience and education in the region. Valuable for western US academic libraries/institutions serving students who take field trips to these states. Summing Up: Recommended. All undergraduates and general readers.--L. R. Zellmer, Western Illinois University Reprinted with permission of Choice, copyright 2014, American Library Association.