Illuminated Desert

By Terry Tempest Williams & Chloe Hedden

ISBN 9780937407110

Price $21.95

A stunning dialogue between two daughters of the Colorado Plateau; an exquisite rendering of the red rock canyons of southern Utah and the natural history that evokes a poetry of place.

"Once upon a time, books were made by hand and painted on parchment instead of paper. The finest books were bound in leather with  metal hinges and locks to keep the precious contents secret and safe. Many of these books honored the creation of a miraculous world where the stories of Jesus and the Mother Mary were told. Saints and sinners all had their place inside these richly embellished devotions. The Illuminated Desert is patterned after these illuminated manuscripts. Consider it a naturalist's book of prayers, a collection of episodes, seen by two students of the natural world.

The Illuminated Desert is light and poetry to be shared in the spirit of celebration."

-Terry Tempest Williams