Soul of Nowhere

By Childs, Craig

ISBN 9780316735889

Price $18.99

In Soul of Nowhere, Craig Childs answers the call of fierce places; the more desolate the landscape, the more passionately he is drawn to it. An intrepid adventurer, Childs tracks a broad territory: the Sierra Madre Mountains in northern Mexico, the canyons of Utah, the White Mountain Apache Reservation, a deserted island in the Sea of Cortez. For Childs, these are the types of terrain that sharpen the senses, that demand a physicality the modern civilized world no longer requires. Discovering the artifacts of ancient peoples, he muses about the meaning and mystery of the lives they led. In his extraordinary nomadic treks, he finds the land animated and himself enlivened. Childs's obvious love for seemingly inhospitable places redeems them for armchair travelers and outdoor adventurers alike.