Naturalist's Guide to the White Rim Trail

By David Williams & Damian Fagan

ISBN 964417316

Price $9.95

This is an ideal addition to any hiking, mountain biking or jeeping trip on the White Rim. The detailed log will guide you across canyons and through history.  With special sections on the area's geology, desert etiquette, local lore and natural history, this handy-dandy guide will help you know when to shift into lower gear.  Recently updated and redesigned, this is one book you need to own, unless, of course, you chose to buy the authors' other fine natural history guides.

Damian Fagan is the author of "Canyon Country Wildflowers" and "Moab Classic Hikes".  He is a former ranger at Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.

David B. Williams is the author of "A Naturalist's Guide to Canyon Country".  He is a former park ranger at Arches National Park and a former mountain bike guide.