Naturalist's Guide to Canyon Country

By Williams, David

ISBN 9780762780716

Price $24.95

A Naturalist's Guide to Canyon Country is the perfect companion if you plan to explore the northern Colorado Plateau, that vast province that encompasses eastern Utah, far western Colorado, and sections of northern Arizona and New Mexico. It is a comprehensive and beautifully illustrated trailside refernce to plants, animals, and geology of an area that includes nine national parks and monuments. With this guide in hand, you will gain a sympathetic understanding of the desert ecosystems that make up the region. You will learn about the battle between uplift and erosion that has sculpted the sandstone fins of Arches National Park and the needles of Canyonlands. You will learn to differentiate between prickly pear and claret cup cacti and between the tracks of striped and spotted skunks. You will find out how the lizard uses its tail as a first line of defense. In short, you will learn to appreciate this remarkable land as you never did before.