Hiking Guide to Cedar Mesa

By Tassoni, Peter Francis

ISBN 9780874806809

Price $19.95

The Cedar Mesa country is a convoluted land of cliffs, arches, natural bridges, hoodoos and spires.  It is a land of flash floods and extreme temperatures that demands much from those who would explore it.  It is also an unparalleled museum of geological features and Ancestral Puebloan culture.

"A Hiking Guide to Cedar Mesa" describes 63 routes ranging from quarter-mile walks to fifteen-mile day hikes, loops and multiday backpack trips.  It contains essential information on permits, weather, gear, roads, trailhead access, geology, human history in the region and leave-no-trace camping.

Care is given to name only those well-known archeological sites that are visible or immediately accesible from roads.  Throughout, the author emphasizes proper visitation protocol for fragile archeological sites and makes clear this is an experience that should be sought respectfully.

"I have been touched by this landscape" he says, "and would prefer to keep its teachings and secrets to myself, but I cannot.  The experience of the desert should be available to everyone with the motivation to encounter it."