Moab Story - From Cowpokes To Bike Spokes

By McCourt, Tom

ISBN 9781555664701

Price $17.00

The town of Moab is a fascinating place with a fascinating history. This book is the "story" of Moab, not a "history" of the place. There's a difference. For one thing, storytelling is more fun. History tends to bog down in the minutia of events. Telling stories, on the other hand, still conveys the truth of historical events but without the stress and clutter of academic anxiety. So this book is written like a good story told around a campfire. And yet, all of the stories in this book are true and the necessary facts and figures are given. The complete story of Moab is too big to tell in a single book of this size, so the material has been sifted and only the gems collected that best outline the history of Moab in a brief and entertaining way.

About the Author
Tom McCourt is a native son of the deserts and canyons of eastern Utah. He has been a cowboy, a coalminer, a social worker, a freelance writer, and a tour guide. Tom has a degree in Anthropology from the University of Utah and served as an Officer and a Gentleman in the U.S. Army. He and wife Jeannie make their home in rural Carbon County, Utah.