Sandstone Spine: Seeking the Anasazi on the First Traverse of the Comb Ridge

By Roberts, David

ISBN 9781594850059

Price $24.95

Three friends bound by love of the Southwest's canyonlands undertake the first traverse of the Comb Ridge in search of the lost civilization of the Anasazi.

The Comb Ridge - virtually a mini-mountain range - stretches almost unbroken for a hundred miles from just east of Kayenta, AZ, to some ten miles west of Blanding, UT.  To hike the Comb is to runa gauntlet of up-and-down severities, with a sheer precipice lurking on the west, a fiendishly convoluted maze of bedrock slabs and narrow gullies to the east - always a sideways, ankle-wrenching pitch.  There is not a single mile of established trail in the Comb's hundred-mile reach.  The challenge would prove to be a stern one for the three friends.