In the Land of Moab

By Till, Tom

ISBN 9780971255500

Price $30.00

Internationally celebrated Moab Utah photographer Tom Till presents In the Land of Moab, a book of photographs and essays championing the endangered Canyon Country of the Southwest. Focusing on the rivers, mesas, canyons and mountains of one of America's most spectacular wilderness areas, In the Land of Moab is a heartfelt tribute through images and words to the slickrock landscape surrounding Moab Utah. Till's essays, accompanying the photographs recall a life spent exploring Canyonlands National Park, Arches National Park, BLM wilderness, the La Sal Mountains, and the Colorado River.

In the first photography book ever done on the Canyon Country by a resident, celebrated photographer Tom Till turns his lens solely on the landscape that has inspired his career.

In over 80 images, most never before published, this book reveals an endangered land that most visitors to Moab never see.

From the Author
In the Land of Moab offers a portfolio of the stunning desert and mountain scenery surrounding my home of Moab, Utah. I have included essays depicting the changes brought by the rapid popularity and development of the Canyon Country of Southeast Utah. The photographs in the lushly printed book depict the beauty of Arches and Canyonlands National Park, the Colorado River and the La Sal Mountains, along with a plea in the text for expansion of these parks and wilderness designation for surrounding BLM and Forest Service lands.