Art Walk Cuppa Show Featuring Local Ceramic Artists

Date: November 10, 2012

Time: 6:00 PM

Location: Back of Beyond Bookstore - 83 N Main St., Downtown Moab

Price: Event is free to the public

Art Walk Cuppa Show Featuring Local Ceramic Artists

The Second Cuppa Show will feature the creative interpretations of "The Cup." Perhaps it's a cup of coffee or tea you'd like to have a beautiful cup for. Or perhaps it's the way a cup or tumbler feels in your hand. Maybe the cup provokes a thought, a whimsy or sparks a laugh.

Six ceramic artists will present their distinctive styles through the vessel of a cup. Joanne Savoie may leave you wondering what to do with this cup. Susan Woodward will awe you with her fluid designs and variety of glazes. Gayle Houston will surprise us with  a design of exquisite  execution just for this show. Leigh Metz will give you sensuous human forms to hold in your palm. Jess Dye will delight you with fresh, light and delicate cups.

Join us for November's Art Walk at Back of Beyond Bookstore.