Literary Reading Featuring Nancy Takacs and David Feela

Date: January 21, 2012

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: Back of Beyond Bookstore - 83 North Main Street

Price: Event is free to the public!

Literary Reading Featuring Nancy Takacs and David Feela

Nancy Takacs, author of Juniper

This collection of poems is infused with sage and juniper, images of the Great Basin, a horizon edged by mountains, where every word is measured and matters. Here is a poet whose lines grip the page like desert plants, windblown and enduring, whose quiet stories of family and wildlife and gardens are as if from a friend who logs the arrival of birds and shares coffee in a kitchen on a winter afternoon.

‘Takacs’s own rootedness in nature, in the desert landscape where she lives, shines forth throughout this stunning new Limberlost letterpress-printed collection. Her poetry,
exploring landscape, memory, and unknown, inner places, always is surprising, sometimes makes us laugh. What Takacs is after, through connection with her desert trees, birds, and plants, is healing -- wholeness for herself, for others, and for us.”
--Carol Henrikson

“Add Nancy Takacs’s name to the list of Utah’s best-kept secrets. These are beautifully crafted, well-made poems drawn from deliberately lived, introspective experience . . . Her truths are clothes in the silk of well-drawn imagery and are revealed in a manner that produces a life enhancing afterglow.” --David Lee

“Takacs’s oeuvre is the conjuring of tradition, celebrating the domesticity of the flower, the sweetness of the fruit, the constancy of home and family . . . . deconstructing personal history only to refigure what remains as a map for rediscovering each moment, each heartbeat . . . . concerned with memory and the ever-widening circle of family artifice, the secrets hidden in ritual and protected by ritual.” --Erica Vital, Red Rock Review

A former wilderness studies instructor and creative writing professor at the College of Eastern Utah, Nancy Takacs lives in Wellington, Utah, and is the author of Pale Blue Wings (Limberlost Press, 2001), which was a finalist for the Utah Book Award and sold out quickly. She’s also the author of Preserves (City Art Press, 2004) and Wild Animals (Outlaw Artists Press, 2008). She’s the recipient of several awards from the Utah Arts Council, as well as The Nation/Discovery Award. She’s held residencies at the Ucross Foundation in Wyoming and Vermont Studios. Her work has appeared recently in Diner, Red Rock Review, Cutthroat, Plainsongs, Adirondack Review, The SpoonRiver Poetry Review, and Weber Studies. She’s done workshops in prisons and schools for the past decade. She holds an MFA from the University of Iowa.



David Feela, author of How Delicate These Arches: Footnotes from the Four Corners

This is how so many travelers pass through the desert Southwest: Their instinctual GPS steers them clear of any complex community encounters and heads them straight toward Utah's Canyonlands, or parks them at the Four Corners Monument to take a photograph with their loved ones standing on the only point in the continental US where four state borders converge, then nudges them on toward that great dip in the road, the Grand Canyon. If you follow this itinerary, you may see the sights but, sadly, you'll miss the experience. This book isn't a destination guide. It's like an outfitter's guarantee to his customers that you paid good money for more than just a tour.