David Williams, Natural History and Geology Writer

Date: September 09, 2010

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: Back of Beyond Books

David Williams, Natural History and Geology Writer

"I write about natural history, whether it is ecological recovery at Mount St. Helen's, a journey to find salmon in Seattle, or an essay about seeing and holding first editions of On The Origin of Species. Some of my work can also be classified as science writing and/or environmental journalism.

In my new book, Stories in Stone, I weave together natural and cultural history to explore the untold life of building stone. The project grows out of my 20-year passion for geology and desire to strengthen my bonds to nature. Each chapter focuses on a particular type of rock and describes my search to learn more about the stone, the particular building or building style that exemplifies its use, and the people involved in construction. Along the way, I interview geologists, explore quarries, and consult with preservationists and historians in order to give readers greater insight into these structures.

By telling the stories of stone from formation to foundation, I open a new window for viewing the urban landscape. I show that intriguing natural and cultural history stories are no further than the nearest building. I hope that Stories in Stone will encourage people to look more carefully at the natural world around them, ask more questions, and go outside and investigate."

David's work has appeared in Smithsonian, Earth, Northwest Palate, and American History. Read more about David at http://www.storiesinstone.info/.